A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words


If your objective is to get the very best price for your property, it pays to make a good first impression!

Your home will be professionally photographed by team member Royce Stringer, who has 10 years of experience and photographed more than 1500 virtual tour shoots, often charging more than $300 per shoot. His work speaks for itself and he is not your average real estate agent taking snapshots with his iPhone. His photography service includes state-of-the-art photo techniques and cinematic video clips. Until now, this level of photography was only reserved for extremely high end properties but you can expect the same level of quality photography even if your modestly priced listing.

Not All Photos are Created Equal Studies show that homes tend to sell for more when photographed with pro level cameras.

moneychartThe Wall Street Journal reported about a study that found real estate listings featuring high quality photographs shot with professional level cameras actually commanded considerably higher asking prices and tended to sell for a greater price than listings shot with ordinary point and shoot cameras. It was also found that high quality listing photos attract far more attention online. This is no surprise considering that 80% of home buyers start their search online often using the listing photos as their first impression.

Don’t settle for a boring real estate slide show!

Front ExampleWe produce stunning HD images that will attract more prospective home buyers to your listing. Our listings are unique and stand out from ordinary real estate photography services agents typically use. (If they happen to use them at all!) The average real estate agent cannot compete with our growing equipment list which includes 2 Digital SLR Camera Bodies(Canon 7D & 40D), Wide Angle lens(Canon 10-22mm) Multiple off camera flashes, light stands, umbrellas, filters, and much more totaling more than $5,000. Put our experience and equipment to work for you so you can stand out among the rest on the web and get the best price possible for your home.

All of this doesn’t cost you more and is just one of the many reasons why clients choose the Stringer Real Estate Group to market their most valuable asset. Whether your house is a luxury property on the 18th green or a condo in a modest part of the area, we can set you apart from your competition!

“When selling properties Online, agents and web designers say that the pictures buyers see of houses for sale are often the first and sometimes the only chance for a seller to make a good impression. Less-than-flattering pictures can turn buyers off and lead to lonely open houses “.

kitchen4One of the most overlooked aspects of modern real estate marketing is the quality of the photography. Digital photography today is ubiquitous and the technology has advanced to the point that everyone has the ability to snap images and instantly transmit them all over the web. The vast majority of real estate listings are shot with ordinary consumer level cameras or phones that simply cannot overcome the complex lighting and spatial challenges presented when shooting the interior of a home.

Investment risk is a huge factor in all aspects of real estate photography. An agent that sells multi-million dollar homes will hopefully invest in an experienced professional photographer who has the skill and the equipment to create spectacular magazine quality images for their client. Agents do not typically make that same investment for their lower priced listings. High volume photography services are more affordable options but they are no match for the service you get from a high-end professional.

Creekside-9We use the same professional caliber photography equipment so all of our clients get the million dollar luxury home treatment!

Even the most high end cameras can’t recreate what the human eye can see. This creates a great challenge when trying to overcome the range of light that an interior produces with mixed natural light, multi color & wattage bulbs and brightly lit window glare from direct sunlight. Our unique post-production process brings color-accurate light and depth to each final image and provides potential buyers with much more realistic and inviting view of your home.