Outstanding Video about Prescott, AZ

Live+Work+Play in Prescott (voice over by Toni Tennille)

Prescott is a destination that transcends the Arizona archetype. No sweltering summers or miles of cactus covered moonscape. The town’s mile-high location in the Grand Canyon State’s central highlands brings four mild seasons, an average annual daytime temperature of about seventy degrees, [Read more…]

Prescott Has Once Again Made Money Magazine’s top places to retire

Horse grazing near Granite Mountain

Hot summers are usually a knock against moving to Arizona. Not so with this small town 100 miles north of Phoenix, which boasts distinct seasons and temperatures that rarely hit 90° F.

All the better for exploring the hundreds of miles of trails in the adjacent Prescott National Forest, playing Prescott’s many golf courses, [Read more…]

Perspective is Everything

Ok, I will admin, this is pretty bad. This agent is lucky they are in Japan, they would probably get fined or have their license suspended here in the states. Worth a good laugh though.