Article in Prescott Courier about Using a Real Estate Professional

An article in the Daily Courier features 5 reasons to use a real estate professional instead of listing yourself:

1. Pricing Is Difficult

Just a few years ago, you didn’t have to worry about overpricing your home. If it was too high, all you needed to do was wait as historic appreciation was taking place. The situation is quite different today. With the possibility of a continuing drop in home values, overpricing your property will cost you time. In this market, time costs you money. A professional real estate agent will discuss how increasing inventory could dramatically impact the value of your property in the months to come. They will help you set the right price in today’s market.

2. Negotiating Ability Is Crucial

Buyers today have an almost unlimited supply of homes from which to choose. They realize this puts them in a great negotiating position. Most buyers are now being represented by an agent. Sellers need to also be represented by a professional expert trained to negotiate real estate contracts.

3. Mortgaging Is Key to the Deal

The biggest impact on the housing market collapse is that lending standards are much stricter today than they were a few short years ago. Rules are constantly changing. Even FHA has gone through a guidelines overhaul in the last several months. You need a real estate expert who has teamed up with a knowledgeable mortgage professional to make sure that the buyer in the deal is in fact capable of obtaining a mortgage. Losing time with an unqualified buyer costs you money in a market where prices are falling.

4. Your Family’s Safety

We have always found it puzzling that the same person who will lock every door and window and set the alarm today will then allow total strangers into their house tomorrow. The real estate industry trains its practitioners to take steps to protect themselves and their clients. Take advantage of putting a person between you and the person calling on an ad or a yard sign.

5. You Probably Have More Important Things to Do

Selling a home could turn into a full time job. Learning the necessary disclosures, coordinating the dates of your closings, dealing with a challenge regarding your appraisal and re-negotiating the offer after an engineer’s report are just a few of the concerns you may face. You would probably be better off spending that time with the items important to you and your family and leaving the challenges to your agent.

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In addition to this list of compelling reasons to use an agent, consider the following: In an era of Trulia, Craigslist®,®, etc., you might be wondering why you can’t just sell your home on your own. There are plenty of resources available to you as a homeowner and no one knows your home like you do. So why do you need a REALTOR®?

In fact, there are a few compelling reasons.

First of all, a good Real Estate professional has an understanding of the local market. While most people get their information on real estate trends from national news, Realtors know that “all real estate is local,” and it is their business to be very familiar with it. A good Realtor would be able to value your property with by pulling comparable properties and using their experience.

A Realtor also has a built-in network. He or she is in constant contact with other real estate agents, each of whom has a personal inventory of clients who may be interested in your property. This gives you a large number of potential buyers who would never see a sign in your yard or a classified in the local paper.

And speaking of advertising, this should come at a cost to your Realtor, including signage, information packets, the multi-list system, multiple on-line sites, professional photos, virtual tour, flyers & mailers and more.

A Realtor should work hard for you. He or she is bound by a code of ethics, and you should never have to worry that your Realtor is dividing his or her loyalty between you and a buyer, without your informed and written consent. And he or she will be able to help you avoid legal issues by ensuring that your contracts and disclosures are accurate and up-to-date.

Realtors also have a long-standing relationship with lenders and title companies, and will be able to help you find reputable companies to help your transaction go smoothly and without unexpected setbacks.

Having said that, though, there often are setbacks. Realtors are professionals and offer experience bringing transactions to the closing table. They will be prepared for last-minute glitches, and will do all that they can to keep the transaction moving smoothly to a close. When appraisals don’t come in as high as expected, or an appliance suddenly stops working, it can be very stressful; and having a calm, competent Realtor will be an enormous asset.

You should try and choose a local Realtor, of course. These are people who are very involved in their communities and know the neighborhoods, lakes, recreational opportunities, etc. If you are selling from a distance, and you receive notice of a burst pipe, your Realtor will know who to call. If a foot of snow blocks your driveway and there’s a showing in four hours – your agent will know who to call.

Finally, a Realtor possesses something you don’t when it comes to selling your property: no emotional attachment. They may empathize with your love for your home, but will still be able to recognize and advise you on the things you may need to do to prepare you home for sale, and maintain professionalism and courtesy when dealing with a lowball offer while you as a proud homeowner may be offended and lose your cool.

Working with a real estate agent is not free of course. The Realtor will have made an investment in signage and advertising, not to mention time and diligence. But most importantly, it’s difficult to put a price on the peace of mind you will get when you work with a knowledgeable professional.

Why Should You Hire a Real Estate Professional?

If you’re planning to sell your home, it’s probably crossed your mind to try to sell it yourself and save the sales commission. But, there are some very good reasons why that would be a mistake. According to housing industry experts at and, more homes listed by real estate agents are sold than homes marketed by owners, and they sell more quickly and for more money. Homes listed by real estate professionals get more exposure and their sellers get more support. Real estate professionals offer many advantages:

• They’re trained and licensed professionals.

• They have experience in your neighborhood and your market.

• They have oversight from brokers and state licensing officials.

• Their job is to advise you the best way to reach your goals.

• Their continuing education keeps them up-to-date on housing issues.

• They know how to present your home and deal with buyers.

• They know how and where to market properties.

• They know how to overcome typical snags that occur in all real estate transactions and closings.

• They understand state-required disclosures and look out for your best interests.

• They understand personal safety and security for your belongings during showings.

• They know the best resources to make transactions go more smoothly, from bankers to home stagers to contractors.

• They have the most accurate data sources – the MLS, the only data repository that has the most upto-date listing and sales information.

• They know how to negotiate.

• Their job is making real estate transactions successful.

When you market your own home, you have to make the time to do all the jobs a real estate professional would do, and you’ll be competing against other sellers who have real estate professionals by their sides. If you can’t leave work to show your home, or you feel it requires more knowledge and experience than you have, you can’t go wrong by hiring a well-respected real estate professional.

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Website dedicated to exposing terribly bad listing photos

This website features comically bad photos but sadly you don’t have to look far to find equally bad examples of these when searching for property online. This illustrates a lighter side of real estate photos, however the truth is it shouldn’t be funny if this is what a real estate agent is trying to use to entice buyers to view your home. The modern real estate market is centered around compelling photography to get buyers through the door.

Don’t be a victim of letting dark, blurry narrow photography keep potential buyers from viewing your home. Call the Stringer Real Estate Group today and let us showcase your home with bright, wide angle crisp HD photography to maximize showings.

Below I have highlighted some of my favorite photos, to see the difference that the Stringer Group provides, view our photography showcase page.

Prescott Hamburger Haven Kendall’s Closes it’s Doors

On November 10, 2013 Kendall’s Famous Burgers will serve it’s last hamburger to the Prescott community. Located in downtown Prescott on Cortez street, Kendall’s has long been a great hang out spot to grab a cooked to order burger and make it your own with it’s topping bar. Also serving wonderful onion rings, fries and an ice cream bar, Kendall’s absence from the Prescott Square will truly be a sad event.

Owner Kendall Jaspers purchased the restaurant converting it from Dent’s Ice Cream Parlor in 1987. He has owned and operated Kendall’s since then where he has hosted events such as a scene in the 1971 movie “Billy Jack”. We wish Kendall well in the future and thank him for providing the Prescott area with such an awesome service for the past quarter century.

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Yet another article stressing the importance of listing photos


“The pictures on Trulia showed exactly what I wanted in the house. They were amazing. Just by looking at the photos, I could tell that the house was move-in ready. I didn’t even need to see it in person after seeing it on Trulia, but my husband made me. When we saw the house in person, it was exactly how Trulia described it.”

In real estate, there is simply no substitute for stunning photos of your home, inside and out. If your home doesn’t look appealing from the first glance online, it doesn’t matter if you have a light up billboard displaying your home for all to see in the center of town. The listing photos must be engaging and make people want to see more of the home. Photos should highlight the homes detail and living space and be crisp and bright.

The Stringer Real Estate Group offers unparalleled photography for every home no matter what the price range. You can be sure your home will stand out among the rest online giving you the best chance at getting more showings. Contact us today to schedule a risk free evaluation of your home and find out for yourself what sets us apart.

Nice Article on a FSBO site that stresses importance of listing photos

Quoting an article written in the Los Angeles Times,

“A picture may be worth a mere 1,000 words in other circles, but in real estate, it enters the realm of deal or no deal.”

In today’s modern real estate market an estimated 90% of home buyers are starting their search on the Internet. It’s no wonder that photos are to home sales today what curb appeal used to be: the place where first impressions are made.

In a web features survey conducted by the National Assn. of Realtors, they highlighted that buyers found “very useful,” 83% mentioned photos, 81% liked detailed property information and 60% named virtual tours.

Decisions about which homes a buyer wants to see — and ones to skip over — are made based on what a buyer sees online.

“If you can’t get them in the door, you can’t sell the house.”

said Kenny Bellini of Santa Monica Coldwell Banker.

Agents and sellers are often turning to professional photographers to take those jaw-dropping glamour shots even when the home isn’t an architectural gem. When a professional photographer is brought in, it’s most often the realty agent who pays for the service as part of the marketing plan, however many agents do not want to invest the money in making their client’s home look it’s best to potential buyers.

With millions of potential buyers starting their search online sellers cannot afford to have their home dismissed as an option because of of mundane photos. Comparable homes that offer professional quality bright, cheery photos and crisp color are much more likely to be shown when compared to amateur agent photographed dark, blurry photos.

In fact, I believe compelling listing photos are the most important part of marketing a property in today’s real estate market. You could spend lots of money in advertising in print publications but if photos of the property aren’t engaging, it doesn’t matter how many potential buyers you reach if the home doesn’t look desirable. In fact, it could actually be a deterrent if the photos don’t do the home justice. Many homes may be exactly what a buyer is looking for but if the photos don’t reflect that, the buyer will move on and keep looking.

Also, there are many people relocating across the country that buy a home they have never seen and make their decision solely based on home specs and photos! Listing photos are extremely important to those who can’t physically see the property and are acting on what they can see on the internet. This is becoming increasingly popular as real estate websites are offering higher resolution pictures and videos.

It is important to choose the right realtor when you decide to place your home on the market. The market is filled with lazy, unambitious agents that will place a sign in the front yard and wait for a contract so they can get paid. Choosing a real estate agent or team(such as the Stringer Real Estate Group) with an aggressive marketing plan including the most engaging photography available will yield to more buyers walking through your door and will give you a better chance of selling your home quickly. Please contact us today to get a risk free market analysis of your home.