Real Estate Listing Photos: Worth More than 1000 Words?

This is a wonderful article about the importance of having quality photos for your listing. In this modern real estate era, it could be the difference between getting a showing or not, and is true more often than not. With approx. 90 percent of home buyers starting their search online you can’t afford to not make your home stand out. Without crisp, bright wide angle photos taken by a professional you are at the mercy of dark, narrow, crooked low res photos taken by an agent usually with little effort from their point and shoot camera or cell phone. If your listing photos are bad then all the marketing in the world will not attract buyers if the house doesn’t look attractive.

With a photography background and thousands of virtual tour shoots under his belt, Royce Stringer of the Stringer Real Estate Group will make your house look incredible, leading to more showings and often a higher selling price. The question you should ask yourself is “Why am a willing to pay an agent a commission if they aren’t willing to spend any time or money marketing my property and representing me”?”

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