Nice Article on a FSBO site that stresses importance of listing photos

Quoting an article written in the Los Angeles Times,

“A picture may be worth a mere 1,000 words in other circles, but in real estate, it enters the realm of deal or no deal.”

In today’s modern real estate market an estimated 90% of home buyers are starting their search on the Internet. It’s no wonder that photos are to home sales today what curb appeal used to be: the place where first impressions are made.

In a web features survey conducted by the National Assn. of Realtors, they highlighted that buyers found “very useful,” 83% mentioned photos, 81% liked detailed property information and 60% named virtual tours.

Decisions about which homes a buyer wants to see — and ones to skip over — are made based on what a buyer sees online.

“If you can’t get them in the door, you can’t sell the house.”

said Kenny Bellini of Santa Monica Coldwell Banker.

Agents and sellers are often turning to professional photographers to take those jaw-dropping glamour shots even when the home isn’t an architectural gem. When a professional photographer is brought in, it’s most often the realty agent who pays for the service as part of the marketing plan, however many agents do not want to invest the money in making their client’s home look it’s best to potential buyers.

With millions of potential buyers starting their search online sellers cannot afford to have their home dismissed as an option because of of mundane photos. Comparable homes that offer professional quality bright, cheery photos and crisp color are much more likely to be shown when compared to amateur agent photographed dark, blurry photos.

In fact, I believe compelling listing photos are the most important part of marketing a property in today’s real estate market. You could spend lots of money in advertising in print publications but if photos of the property aren’t engaging, it doesn’t matter how many potential buyers you reach if the home doesn’t look desirable. In fact, it could actually be a deterrent if the photos don’t do the home justice. Many homes may be exactly what a buyer is looking for but if the photos don’t reflect that, the buyer will move on and keep looking.

Also, there are many people relocating across the country that buy a home they have never seen and make their decision solely based on home specs and photos! Listing photos are extremely important to those who can’t physically see the property and are acting on what they can see on the internet. This is becoming increasingly popular as real estate websites are offering higher resolution pictures and videos.

It is important to choose the right realtor when you decide to place your home on the market. The market is filled with lazy, unambitious agents that will place a sign in the front yard and wait for a contract so they can get paid. Choosing a real estate agent or team(such as the Stringer Real Estate Group) with an aggressive marketing plan including the most engaging photography available will yield to more buyers walking through your door and will give you a better chance of selling your home quickly. Please contact us today to get a risk free market analysis of your home.