Eye Tracking Study by WSJ states importance of Primary Listing Photo

An article by the Wall Street Journal talks about how important making a good first impression is when it comes to listings. The article tracks users eyes and where they tend to focus on initially as well as where they wonder and end up before clicking away.

It’s not hard to figure out by being aware of yourself when you look at online listings. The article states that 95% of users look at the primary exterior photo for an average of 20 seconds and many people decide then and there if they wish to venture further in finding more information about the listing or decide to click back and move on to another house. Making your home stand out among the rest online is probably the most important thing you can do to promote showings for your home. The right listing photo could make or break your chances for showings. There are many beautiful homes out there that will not get the exposure they deserve simply because the home doesn’t look desirable.

Researchers tracking the eye movements of subjects who looked at online home listings found that more than 95% of users viewed the first photo—the one that usually shows the exterior of the home—for a total of 20 seconds. After that, their eyes tended to flit all over

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